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Meet Axel, the spirited 6-year-old Russian Toy Terrier. He's a pint-sized adventurer with a big appetite for excitement, whether it's chasing cyclists, cats, or birds. His heart belongs to meat, especially lamb, and his love for it is undeniable. Axel doubles as the guardian of his home, alerting everyone with his enthusiastic barking. But behind that brave exterior is a cuddle enthusiast, reveling in butt scratches and long walks. He's a little explorer with a wagging tail and a penchant for cuddles, proving that the best things often come in small packages.

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Neo is a three year old American Akita who understands both English and Portuguese. He is a Capricorn and is a disability dog. He can sense if you're feeling stressed or anxious when he sees someone approaching. He is very well loved in his family. He is very calm and docile, doesn't bark at anyone unless he is meeting you for the first time in his home but I can guarantee you he is the gentlest giant you will ever meet. Neo loves going on long walks in the morning and has a speed of lighting. He will literally sweep you off his feet so hold on tight. Did I mention that he is also a ladies man? You can literally talk to him as a human. Neo also loves when you feed him chicken, especially if it's from KFC.

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Aaron Gray

Aaron is a 23 year old from London. He went to a drama/theater school for 10 years from the age of 5-15 and since then have appeared in TV Commercials for Google, Apple and QuickBooks.

Simon Ellis

Simon Ellis is a B movie horror and action actor. He has trained in martial arts and stunt work and he has many years of experience in feature films, short films, music videos and TV documentaries.

Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry has been acting for nearly 15 years, working in a range of feature films, short films, music videos and theatre. Gareth is also a stunt and intimacy coordinator, so the chance to be involved in something as fun and warm as Pee Mail is truly an honour. Gareth is relatively new to the realms of voice acting, but maybe this old dog can learn new tricks.

Silvia Magrin

Silvia is a 20 year old originally from Italy and is currently studying here in the UK. Despite not pursuing film, Silvia has a passion for the performing arts and has several years of experience acting in theatre productions. She is excited to break into voice acting with her role in Pee Mail and hopes it can create new avenues for creativity.


Issi is a 20 year old from France and Austria. She has no prior experience in voice acting or filmmaking but is excited to try a new experience and is excited to be able to work on Pee Mail.

Graham Pavey

Graham has been acting for 25 years. He excels at improvising in character within a set scenario. He is a murder mystery actor, a Halloween scare actor, and a professional santa. He has also been a mad scientist running after school clubs. He has been a panto dame on 5 occasions where he learnt to work an audience thinking on his feet. His credits include Monsieur Ravoux in Loving Vincent, photographer in King Gary, drunk Scotsman in Doctors. He can be currently seen in the Toys R Us advert on YouTube.

Christian Reeve

Christian PK Reeve is a 30-year-old actor from London, UK (currently residing in Manchester), and has been acting since 2019. He has acted in feature films, short films, commercials, audio dramas, and more. His experiences have included performing ADR for Channel 4's, 'Everyone Else Burns', Channel 4's 'Hollyoaks', appearing in a Sky TV commercial for the Manchester United women's football team, Sky TV's 'Brassic', and appearing in Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet'. The majority of his experiences have been within short films, split between on-screen and voice-acting performances.

Schwan Wolf Allen

Wolf is a 28 year old writer with a dream of turning their books into films. They've written a few scripts and are planning a book series. As well as script writing, they are also a budding actress because they believe that it helps them to understand how to write characters in a way that other actors can interpret easily.

James Dalton

James Dalton is a writer/director/producer currently studying film at SAE. He made his debut with the short film Itch (2023) and is currently in post production with his next short film Touch Of Your Skin, Taste Of Your Lips which has a 2024 release date. He has deep interest in the arthouse and horror, but is always more than open to lending his talents to more upbeat projects!

Dante Martinez

Dante is an aspiring filmmaker with 3 years of experience currently studying at SAE. He is pursuing a career in Directing both short and feature films and has done work directing multiple short films like 'Munchies' (2023) and 'PeeMail' (2023). Having a passion for creating experimental films but also having a soft spot for comedy, working on films like 'PeeMail' (2023) and 'XJ-210' (2022).

Denver Dsouza

Denver has been in the filmmaking scene since 2020. His preferred roles are DOP and/or Camera operator. He likes to bring life to the director's visions and make it a piece of art worthy of people's attention with the help of studying the intricate art of cinematography.

Jodi Ang

Jodi is an Asian American filmmaker who has experience in film for three years and is currently studying at SAE London. She aspires to work as a producer and has experience working at a production company. Jodi has also produced and directed a number of short films, including 'Infinite Love' (2019) and 'Feeling Alone' (2019). As an avid dog lover, she. is honored to have worked on Pee Mail (2023).

Ollie Pajak

Ollie is known for producing his very own Bond trilogy, as well as a narrative short “Question Time” and a documentary titled, “Interval.” Concurrently with this, he is also producing a new feature film titled “Financial Temptation.” He has enjoyed the challenge of working with dogs and is excited to share the end result as he believes this has truly been a special project and that all the hard work that has been put into this will see great reward.

Matthew Poole

Matty is currently studying audio production at SAE and has been working as the sound recordist for Pee Mail! Before moving to London, Matty was studying music performance in Liverpool, and was encouraged to explore audio and sound engineering for his degree. He enjoys playing in a band and recording bands, but recently has taken interest in recording sound for film. This includes recording sound on set, foley and narration.

Justice Laurrell

As a filmmaker and writer, I've always looked for inspiration in the most unlikely places. With his eager sniffing and territorial markings, Axel became the inspiration for a story that would go on to capture the minds of pet lovers all across the world. "Pee Mail" does more than just investigate the territorial squabbles of two male dogs; it heightens the drama by giving our four-legged protagonists a voice. It's a canine conversation that goes beyond the ordinary, displaying the humour and heart that reside inside our furry companions' unique dynamics.

Eliana Rio Alves

Hi my name is Eliana, the dog aunty of Neo who plays Rex. I am a film student and makeup artist and Neo is with me every step of the way! Neo became part of my family 3 years ago shortly after one of my younger brothers' epilepsy diagnosis to become my brother's disability support dog. This makes him extremely intuitive and protective as he is a guard dog breed, he acts in response to any emotions my brother and I may display or inwardly feel as we spend the most time with Neo. He is a gentle giant who takes ME on walks due to his size and strength. We are excited for him to be a part of this film as he loves the camera almost as much as my family and I love him.